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Empowering You To Live Independently

Taking care of yourself is a beautiful and empowering process.

At Burrough’s PA Support support may include helping the person with activities such as meal preparation, cooking, cleaning, shopping, domestic activities and other daily tasks. Support may also include providing help with social and leisure activities. Support may also be provided to assist with a person’s independence at work or when taking part in their chosen activities.

For Prices Of PA Support

Everyone is different and has a wide range of individual needs. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me about your personal PA support package options and prices.

How I Work With My Clients

Community Services

The most important part of the process is the person’s choice. They choose what they want to do in their time, with their money and how they want to spend it. The service is there to assist them in getting to these activities they enjoy. In this role I drive my clients in my own car and take them where they want to go, providing them with the freedom and independence that many people take for granted. This allows clients to maintain their relationships with their family and friends, keeping them socially engaged and involved in their communities.

At Home

We all want to be as independent as possible in our daily lives, but most of us need help with day-to-day domestic tasks from time to time. I love to help others and have a lot of experience helping people with everyday tasks that they find difficult or impossible. I can also cook meals and do basic household tasks such as laundry and cleaning. I would be happy to help you arrange your shopping, do some ironing, or take on other such tasks that you may find difficult to do yourself.

Health and Wellbeing

When you are ill, attending doctor and hospital appointments can be a real challenge. If you are unable to communicate effectively with your health professionals, you will struggle to get the right treatment. By having someone accompany you on your appointments, they can speak on your behalf in tricky situations. I am willing to help with medication, such as contacting the pharmacy or dispensing medication if necessary. I will help by assisting you to fulfil your parenting role and more.

Activities and Opportunities

I will help you with finding work, training and educational activities and more. I will also help you with appointments and can escort you to meetings, community events, day trips and outings. I will work around your availability to meet up with new people. We can have lunch at a local café or dinner at a nice restaurant. We can go to a local museum, art gallery, movie theatre or even travel around the city together. If you are looking for employment and require a little bit of help, I can help. There are employment activities and programs for individuals that can help you stay on track.

Independence Skills

I can be helping you to manage your correspondence and paperwork and more. If you are new to this, I will teach you how to do all those things. I can also be helping you with accessing necessary facilities and making use of public transport (like buses, trains etc.). There are many things that might be confusing for you. You have so many things in your own life, getting all set up for traveling, finding a place to stay, spending time with family, taking care of work before leaving; it’s okay if you didn’t think about how you were going to learn to manage it.

Money Management

You will have a budget to help you organize your finances, help you understand how much money you have to spend each month, and help you understand where all your money is going. This budget will be a tool that helps you take control of your finances and make sure that everything is organized. I will help with your applications for work and benefits and more. If you are applying for benefits or work, I can help with the paperwork or scheduling of appointments for these things. I can also be an assistant and give you reminders about when things are due or when appointments are.

Person-Centred Support To Meet your Needs

What My Clients Say

"You brought the best out of her"

Hi Kaz, just a little thank you. Client L always seemed to be her brightest when you were in the building. You brought the best out of her. Her mood was great. Your interaction with her always kept her interested in what she was doing. Whether she was writing a short story or just colouring or word searching. Printing pictures of Luna for her. You even got her a tea mug because you knew she enjoyed her cup of Charlie. Best of luck in the future.

"He is much more independent now"

Kaz was able to help him organize his time and his space, taught him to make the bed every day, to hoover every other day and to tidy up every other week. Helped him learn to cook some simple dishes. This really improved his quality of life. He is much more independent now and has a great routine which helps with his confidence, mood and health.

"Has come so far in six months"

C has come so far. She has been able to focus on her daily tasks which have been cleaning, clothes sorting and laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher, food preparation and keeping herself hygienic.

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