Kazlina Burroughs – Founder

“My mission is to provide life-changing support to empower neurodiverse individuals to succeed in life, health and passion.” – Kazlina

Meet Our Founder

Kazlina Burroughs

Hi, I’m Kazlina,

For 31 years I worked in the city as a compliance / KYC officer in the investment banking sector, it was a very trusted role making sure everything was done legitimately with private clients, corporate companies and other banks, including anti-money laundering. My first job was a live-in nanny which I did for 4 years, I then tried a number of manual jobs before working in the city.

In 2016 my city contract ended and I decided not to renew as I wanted to work locally. Having studied NLP & Hypnotherapy and with 16 years’ experience in that field, I felt I wanted a more meaningful career. Due to my caring nature, people suggested I became a support worker / carer, which I did and I loved it.

Kazlina Burroughs – Founder

Kazlina Burroughs – Founder

Whilst working as Support Worker in a supported living environment, I did everything for my clients, including health, self-care, medication and daily living skills. During this time, I went into to the community to support a person in their own home, attending college with them, visits to the theatre, pub lunches and assisting them to live independently. I was looking for further opportunities at the time and having been so impressed with my support, the clients asked me to become their family PA.

I have now developed Burroughs PA Support Agency, built on honesty, authenticity and integrity, to meet the high level of demand for this rewarding and increasingly necessary role.” – Kazlina

Mission Statement: 

To provide dedicated intensive one to one support for neurodiverse individuals which empowers them to achieve everyday tasks, engage in the community and take part in further activities.

Life-changing personal support to help people with neurodiversity to enjoy the best quality of life.

“Changing perspectives–one neurodiverse person at a time.” – Kazlina



Enjoy The Best Quality Of Life!