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What Is A Personal Assistant (PA)
What Do Our Customers Say?
Community Services
  • Accessing services in the community such as leisure and social activities
  • Driving to help you get around and more
  • Maintaining relationships with family and friends
At Home
  • Domestic household tasks, meal preparation, laundry and cleaning
  • Mobility in your home and in the wider community
  • Shopping and ironing
Health and Wellbeing
  • Attending doctor, dental and hospital appointments
  • Access support to exercise
  • Helping you with medication
  • Assisting you to fulfil your parenting role
Activities and Opportunities
  • Escorting you to meetings, community events, day trips and outings
  • Support into work
  • Training and educational activities
Independence Skills
  • Accessing necessary facilities and making use of public transport and more
  • Helping you to manage your correspondence and paperwork 
Money Management
  • Support with your finances and budgeting
  • Helping you to understand and pay your bills
  • Applications for work and benefit

Life-changing support to empower Neurodiverse people to succeed in life, health and passion.

We aim to provide dedicated intensive one to one support for neurodiverse individuals which empowers them to achieve everyday tasks, engage in the community and take part in further activities. 

At Burroughs PA Support Agency, I provide personal assistance (PA) services to neurodivergent teens, young adults and individuals who need support with their everyday living.

Kazlina Burroughs – Founder

My Values

Keeping my clients safe while supporting them Is vital as a service provider. I empower my clients to manage their day-to-day living, reach their full potential and maximise independence.

Kazlina Burroughs

I provide tailor-made support to meet an individual’s social and personal needs. No two PA roles are the same as it depending on the individuals need but some of the services provided are teaching daily living skills, assisting the individual to access social opportunities and much more while keeping the individual safe and helping them to progress, in some cases helping the individual to become fully independent.

Kazlina Burroughs

A personal assistant or PA supports people with a wide range of needs to help them live an independent, fulfilling life. They work directly with one or more individuals to support them to accomplish tasks and activities of daily living that they need assistance. A PA will provide services to people who are managing and paying for their own care through a social care direct payment or personal budget.

Kazlina Burroughs

My vision: 

To change perspectives about neurodiversity, create a positive image of the term and redefine what it means for people to embrace neurodiversity.

The role of the PA varies with the individual, therefore I provide tailor-made support to meet the individual’s social and personal needs.

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It is the little things that make the big differences…

“Just a little thank you Kaz. Lorraine always seemed to be her brightest when you were in the building. You brought the best out of her. Her mood was great. Your interaction with her was always to keep her interested in what she was doing. Whether she was writing a short story, colouring or word searching. You even got her a tea mug because you knew she enjoyed her cup of Charlie.” – Dave



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